Surveying Services

LandTech’s Surveying Services

We can perform surveying projects as large as a multi-million dollar Interstate Design or as small as a simple Boundary Split

    • Hazardous Site Surveys
    • Condominiums & Subdivision Surveys
    • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
    • Utility/Pipeline Route Surveys
    • Construction Layout Surveys
    • As-Built Surveys
    • Our Personal Favorite Wireless Tower Surveys & A&E Drawings

    • Hydrographic Surveys
    •  Mining Volumes Surveys
    •  Aerial Photo Control Surveys
    •  NGS Blue Booking GPS Surveys
    • GIS Data Collection Surveys
    • Riparian Ownership Division Surveys
    • Indoor Industrial Surveys


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Please contact us with any land surveying questions you may have or to get a quote on your project.  Our quick turn around time enables the client to review their surveys with counsel and suggest any revisions before the closing deadline.  Landtech has gained a reputation for being the “Go-To” company when timing is critical. We understand the massive undertaking involved with closing on multi-million dollar commercial properties.